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Aunt Arctic & Rookie Meet-Up Times

Aunt Arctic

According to the blog, Aunt Arctic will be waddling around Club Penguin’s Coffee Shop from May 21st – May 27th. Here are the meet up times so you don’t miss her!

Tactic 1

Disclaimer: All times are in PST – Penguin Standard Time, to find out the time on Club Penguin, check the Clock at the Snow Forts.

Thursday, May 21st – 9:00 AM at Chinook

Friday, May 22nd – 10:30 AM at Jack Frost

Saturday, May 23rd – 5:30 PM at Mittens

Sunday, May 24th – 3:30 PM at Wool Socks

Monday, May 25th – 10:00 AM at Cozy

Tuesday, May 26th – 11:00 AM at Crystal

Wednesday, May 27th – 3:30 PM at Iceland

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Club Penguin Times (Issue #499)


The daring duo!


By Rookie – Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal are my FAVORITE superheroes! She’s all like SHLABOOM! and he’s all like WHOOSH! They’ve defeated Melmonst, and Squidzoid, and they’re JUST. THE. COOLEST. I’m even part of their fan club!

No one knows how the duo really got their powers. Some fans say Gamma Gal was named Amy. But I know an Amy and she doesn’t have ANY super powers. However they became heroes, they are awesome at it. Gamma Gal can shoot Gamma Glow Waves, she can fly, and she can’t be hurt by energy beams. Shadow Guy can become a shadow and move through anything except bright light! They are such a good team. No one has ever beaten them! I just wish they didn’t have secret identities. I want to put them on my Friends List! Then I could ask them for help the next time the island’s in trouble. Or if I lose rubber ducky again. I can’t wait until we get a new comic about them. [Editors Note: Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal are fictional superheroes. Unless Rookie knows something we don’t.]


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New Postcards to Send!


Recently, Club Penguin has given us new postcards to be able to send all of our friends (for 10 coins each)! You can send 4 different postcards that can be found on the front page. Click “Continue Reading” to read more to see into the 4 different postcards further.

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Furniture and Igloo Catalog – May 2015


Welcome the newest Igloo catalog with Fair-themed furniture items, as well as underwater/”piratey” furniture! Continue reading

Penguin Style – May 2015


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The Red Arcade Box – Plugging In Soon…?

According to the Club Penguin Times issue #498, in the section “Ask Aunt Arctic”, a user nicknamed Realtor1000 asks “What does the red machine in the Arcade do?”


 In her reply, she mentions how Gary the Gadget Guy created the red machine, however, it did not work correctly, so it was unplugged. She then begins to talk about how Rookie plugged in the red machine last year, and you could transport to new worlds. But what caught my eye, and many other’s was what she said in the end of her reply. Aunt Arctic says “The game will only be plugged in during the Fair, so if you’d like to explore the charming pixel world, look for it there!”


This answer explains why Club Penguin has been releasing a lot of “pixel” items, like pins, clothing items, backgrounds, etc.

So what do you expect? Where will the red machine take us during the Fair? What will happen? The only way to know is to find out from May 23rd to June 3rd!

Keep trackin’!


The Stage: Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal



Grab the popcorn, everyone, but be sure not to bring any socks – they might get knocked off!

Recently Club Penguin has brought one of my favorite plays back to The Stage – Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal! You can now pretend to be the evil squid, or one of the most famous heroes of all of Club Penguin! You decide!

Who will you be, and what play will be next?

The New Login Page



Have you noticed this background when logging in recently? Is it unfamiliar? That’s because it’s BRAND NEW! Recently, Club Penguin added this to their login page to look not only more fresh, but to bring excitement to new events that are happening.

What do you think? Do you like the login page?